Enterprise Network Security


Integrate your security

Your network holds the key to defending your organization. It is critical that your security architecture enable a secure digital network. Cisco switches, routers, and wireless solutions strengthen your security system. Their enhanced capabilities work together to create what we call "the network as a sensor" and "the network as an enforcer."

What you can do with enterprise network security


Gain deep visibility

Get valuable details about network assets and behaviors with Cisco IOS NetFlow.


Control user access

Enforce security policies, control access to online resources, and block attacks. 


Detect threats

Discover data exfiltration and command-and-control traffic.


Remedy issues quickly

Use Cisco TrustSec to segment your network  and prevent the lateral spread of threats.

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Uncover suspicious activity

Be alerted to policy violations and compromised devices on your network in real time.

Fight off malware

Grant the right levels of access to the right users and contain potential attacks.

Protect against Ransomware

Our solution protects you from the DNS layer to email to the endpoint.

Enterprise network security technologies help you...


Know your traffic

Cisco IOS Flexible NetFlow tracks every network conversation. It identifies the source, destination, timing, and protocol. You can see who joined the conversation, when, and for how long.


Uncover threats

Cisco Stealthwatch goes beyond conventional threat detection and harnesses the power of NetFlow. You can uncover threats that bypass the perimeter and infiltrate your environment.


Simplify access

Get contextual intelligence and enhanced visibility of network activities with the Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE).


Defend your data

Protect your data’s confidentiality and integrity. MACsec applies strong Layer 2 encryption throughout the entire switching and routing network, from the edge to the data center.


Segment your network

Deploy Cisco TrustSec technology to limit the spread of malware across your network. Meet compliance goals more easily.


Deliver security from the cloud

Use new technologies such as Cisco Umbrella Branch to protect every device in your branch.


Extend security to the branch

Use the machine-learning capabilities of the Cisco Stealthwatch Learning Network License to further protect your branch.

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Get deep and broad visibility to detect malicious network activities. (1:34 min)

Control access to network resources. Reduce the attack surface to block threats. (1:38 min)

See how our solution protects customers


Eliminate network blind spots

Explore why visibility is fundamental to your network security approach.

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